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With Matt Chapel you're not just another number. He takes your case seriously and works hard to deliver the best possible results.

"I'm here to fight for you and your family!"
There are times when the law is your only recourse, and you need a Trial Attorney with the experience and knowlege to get the settlement you deserve.
"You focus on recovery and getting better, we'll focus on the rest."
If you or a loved one are injured in an accident, you'll need an attorney with a winning track record who can help you in a time of crisis.
"Automobile accidents can leave a person traumatized and devastated."
Unfortunately, accidents happen. Call Matt Chapel after a serious auto accident to determine what you do next and what your recourses are.

Matt Chapel, Trial Lawyer

Matt Chapel is not your typical Attorney. He is a veteran and, as a trial lawyer, he has a winning track record of bringing results to his clients. Most importantly, he takes your case personally and you can be confident that he will use his trial experience, as well as his experience as a Marine to give your case the attention it deserves for the best possible results!

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