Matt Chapel Practice Areas

Matt has represented people in personal injury, worker's compensation, criminal defense, domestic relations, and commercial cases in Northeastern Indiana and throughout the entire state of Ohio. His litigation experience as both a personal injury attorney AND an attorney for insurance companies, gives Matt an understanding of both sides of the legal "fence." Matt is able to use his experience for the advantage of his clients. With such versatility and a skilled team of experts, Matt Chapel is able to consult with you regarding your legal concerns.

Matt accepts most personal injury, worker's compensation, and wrongful death cases on a contingency-fee basis, which means you pay no attorney's fees unless your case receives a settlement.

Get your case the attention it deserves and call (260) 387-6236 or (419) 584-1004 today to set up your FREE consultation with Matt Chapel directly.

Learn more about...

  • Personal Injury

    If you have been in a car accident, injured at work, bitten by a dog, or have suffered some other injury through no fault of your own, you MUST call today to see if you are entitled to a settlement to aid your recovery — both medically and financially — as well as for your pain and suffering.

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  • Wrongful Death

    Unfortunately, loved ones are taken from us before their time in work- or auto-related accidents. Fatalities often leave families in financial distress. Matt Chapel has a proven track record of sesitively bringing complex wrongful death cases to a close and obtaining the best settlements for families.

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  • Litigation

    Matt is no stranger to the Courthouse. He has tried personal injury, worker's compensation, criminal defense, domestic relations, and commercial cases. Matt is licensed in both Indiana and Ohio and practices before state and federal courts and worker's comp agencies.

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  • Check the Hot Coffee Movie

    Personal Injury Lawyers are often referred to as "greedy ambulance chasers." Know the truth! Check out the trailer for "Hot Coffee," one of the most misunderstood cases in product liability law. You'll be shocked to learn the truth, as well as understand how the law can work for you when all options have been exhausted.

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